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Design a distinct commercial bar to rival the iconic bars in Melbourne

  • Create the comfortable, relaxed ambience people look for in a bar
  • Design an innovative, unique bar your customers will be drawn to
  • Plan for profitability through smart design

Melbourne bar interior design service

Looking at launching a bar in Melbourne?
Wondering how to design a commercial bar?
Want to bring your commercial bar design ideas to life?

For someone who wants to have a good time, Melbourne bars offer a range of options. On any night of the week, you’ll find Melbournians in swanky cocktail bars, down-to-earth local pubs, classy distilleries and exclusive underground nightclubs.

Yes, there’s no doubt that if you’re thinking of launching a bar, you’ve got an incredible amount of competition in Melbourne. Yet there are proven aspects that make a bar successful – and when you consider those in the planning stages, you’ve got a great opportunity to carve your niche in Melbourne’s bar scene.

Great food, music, and alcohol are a given. More than that, you’ve got to create a good place for people to hang out with buddies or after-work drinks. A wonderful venue with a relaxing and chilled ambience. One that attracts an awesome crowd.

It’s not enough to put out a bunch of chairs, tables, signed celebrity pictures, and a shiny bar in the middle of it all and expect the crowds to flock.

You know that.
And that’s why you’re here.

What’s the best interior design for a Melbourne bar?

It depends on several things, including the type of bar you want. You can make an impact no matter what type of bar you choose:

  • Beer hall
  • Brewpub
  • Cocktail lounge
  • Hotel bar
  • Distillery
  • Night club
  • Sports bar
  • Wine bar

Collect photos of your chosen bar theme and together we’ll design a unique look for it considering your customer, your competitors, your niche, and your brand.

Together we’ll look at designing the best bar layout. But not just that, we’ll look at branding, lighting, furniture, wall decor, signage and more. All this is part of creating an experience for your customer.

What’s the story behind your bar?

When designing your bar, it begins with your story – and your customer’s story:
Who is your target customer?
Why should they visit your bar?
What makes your bar unique?
What’s special about your food, ambience, and service?
Capturing the interest of your demographic is the most important aspect of bar design. You’ve got to spend time learning about your target customers.

To dig into their needs and discover their wants. To discover the story of your typical customer – and design a bar specifically for them with your vision in mind.
This is what we’ll do together.

Your success depends on your back bar

The back bar – this is the most important part of every bar. You’d do better to have customers stick around all night with a drink in hand – than bar hop.
The back of your bar is where patrons will decide what they will have – and you can help them make that decision by what you display and how.
Want to encourage a bigger spend?
You need to plan and promote your cognacs, champagnes, and premium labels. You might choose an extraordinary display unit, use lighting to spotlight certain labels, or arrange your glasses in a spectacular way, all in an ambient setting.
Then there’s service to think about: you’ve got to serve customers efficiently and avoid queues during peak times.
Every station in your back bar needs to be meticulously planned so everything fits in perfectly and is in the right place.
Just as a pilot in a cockpit has all their controls in easy, quick reach – your bar staff need fast access to everything they require.

Carve out your niche with an experienced Melbourne bar interior designer

Award-winning interior design consultant, Michael Bankes has helped bar owners for more than 25 years.

A bar needs to help customers feel comfortable and relaxed. It needs to have a chilled vibe – a place that transports them away from the daily stresses of life.

Michael will design an elegant and luxurious space that stimulates the senses while being functional and profitable.

Looking for an experienced bar designer to help you transform your dream bar into reality?

Contact Michael to chat about your design project – and for a no-obligation, complimentary onsite assessment and quote.