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Free site assessment and consultation.

In our first meeting, our primary objective is to gain an overall understanding of your dream project. We’ll discuss your site location, the product or concept you have in mind, and the desired time frames for the project. Our focus will also be on ensuring that your site doesn’t encounter expensive building code requirements that could potentially impede progress and hinder the realisation of your vision. This initial discussion will help us tailor our approach and provide the best possible support for your project.

Concept Design.

Upon design quotation approval, we will schedule a meeting to delve deeper into your dream project and understand your vision in detail. During this meeting, we’ll explore where you want the project to take you and how you envision the final result.

In our design process, we incorporate the principles of Retail Psychology, which involves understanding how individuals perceive and react to your Retail or Hospitality venue, both externally and internally. This approach helps us create a strategic design that considers factors such as drawing attention to your site, understanding your customer base, and assessing your competition.

Throughout the creative design process, we remain mindful of various external and internal human reactions to enhance the overall customer experience and ensure efficient staff movement within the space. Our goal is to create an inviting and engaging environment that aligns with your vision and meets the needs of your target audience.

Working Drawings

Once the Concept Design is accepted and signed off, we proceed with producing detailed Working Drawing documents. These documents are meticulously prepared to ensure clarity and leave no room for ambiguity, enabling a smooth and efficient tendering process. The detailed drawings facilitate quick and accurate responses from various authorities such as the Council, Build Surveyors, Centre Management, and other relevant entities.

Construction Tendering

We pride ourselves on having minimal overhead costs, which allows us to offer very competitive quotations. Over the years, we have established a vast portfolio of reliable and professional consultants, contractors, and artisans. Leveraging these strong connections, we gather competitive quotes from these organisations and individuals, enabling us to present you with the best possible price for the construction of your dream project.

Project Management

Through the Tendering process, confirmation of materials, furniture, light fittings and equipment are locked down. All relevant permits have been addressed. A Build program is produced with all stakeholders pursuant. Time management is one of our greatest talents with proven track records of meeting deadlines without suffering further additional expenses. On and off site supervision coincides with inclusive client meetings from start to handover.

Project Completion

A timely and budget-friendly project handover is our commitment. During the exciting handover, you receive Compliance certificates, Health department approvals, Building Permits, and keys. A two-week ‘live in’ period follows for addressing any extra items or defects without affecting business operations.

How our clients feel

John Tully owner of Social 1057

“From our initial meeting l felt very comfortable with Michael. He surprised us with his depth of knowledge and abilities. Michael’s time management saved us much down time and dealt with the design, permits and tendering with apparent ease. We appointed him project manager and he proved accomplished at every level.”

Dave Irwin – Managing Director – Patient Wolf Distilling Co.

“Moving from Brunswick to Southbank was a monumental undertaking for Patient Wolf Distilling Co. of which Mike Bankes was critical to the success. Mike helped identify the building, had the vision for being able to contain a working distillery with a fully serviced cocktail bar, focusing on tasting and education. Mike managed the process start to finish including the design, managing council permits, managing trade resulting in a spectacular New York Loft style bar that showcases the Patient Wolf brand and incorporates the exquisite Mueller Copper still as a centrepiece.”

Matt Louden owner of Upstairs Cafe

“Michael was with me every step of the way, always exceeding his duty in what was required. Professional to the minutest of details, always on hand to answer any of my queries, Michael made the task of opening my first business a lot less stressful than it otherwise would have been”