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The main aim of designing memorable interior spaces is to influence purchasing decisions and create a satisfying experience for your customers. However, it’s just as important to strengthen customer loyalty, with a retail design that aligns with your brand and promotes a lasting impression.

Turning your brand identity into more than just a name requires designing a retail space that provides customers with the ability to interact with your brand’s purpose, products and services. Creating an experience allows you to connect with your customers by telling the story of your brand in a physical space that communicates your brand’s message.

Designing storefront displays for your brand

The second a new customer notices your store is the most important moment. You want them to feel instantly connected to your brand, so they choose to explore further. Your storefront display acts as a beacon to draw people in and highlights the main aspects of your brand. Good store front display is strong and clear, highlights interesting items as well as your logo, and effectively communicates your brand identity.

Designing an accessible layout

For customers to connect and associate with your brand in a positive manner, it’s important to ensure they feel comfortable, stimulated and curious when they enter the space. To start, prioritise a clean and simple layout that’s easy for your customers to navigate. Such a layout will enable positive associations with your trademark and make it easier for them to enjoy your retail space.

Promoting brand connection within the retail design

To exceed your customer’s expectations, you need to immerse them in an experience that creates an emotional response to your brand, products and services. Identifying how you want your customers to feel when they enter and want you want them to do is key in determining a design that aligns with your brand.

A strong brand identity in your retail space can be achieved by the following:

  • Choosing a colour palette that crosses your entire business, from wall paint and flooring to business cards and websites.
  • Prominently displaying brand logos and signs in creative ways within the design, in order to make the brand name a visual focal point when consumers are in store.
  • Choosing lighting that enhances the overall mood of your brand and invites an emotive response.
  • Furnishing your space with items that enhance your brand’s purpose, through texture, colour, style and functionality.
  • Using visual displays to focus attention on your brand’s most prominent products or services.
  • Creating powerful sense perceptions, by using music, aromas, interactive displays or free tastings that match your brand’s purpose and promote an immediate connection with it.

With each design consideration, your focus needs to be on elements that will immerse people in your brand through a holistic approach. Once you’ve caught their attention, successfully promoted an emotional response with strategic design choices centred around your brand, and guided customers towards the purpose of your store, customer loyalty can be more readily gained.

Enlisting the services of a professional ensures your brand integrates seamlessly with a stunning retail space your customers will value. With 20 years of proven experience in designing retail environments that enhance the brand , Mr Bankes specialism in retail design that will take your business to a new level of excellence.