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Is your restaurant in need of a lift? You may be ready for a full-scale change, or just looking for a few quick ways to give your restaurant a bit of a makeover. Either way, here are six suggestions that can help you deliver a better experience to your customer.

  1. Look at your design philosophy

If you feel like your restaurant is looking a bit weary, the first step to revitalising it is to create a detailed idea of what you want. Who are your target customers, and what is the philosophy of your restaurant? A strong brand image should be consistent through all points of your restaurant, from the menu to the uniforms of your staff, and always connected to the design of the space. Your design philosophy should also take into consideration the demographics of the area, keeping in mind that demographics can change over time. A clear and structured idea of what you want produces a much better result than making random changes here and there.

  1. Pay attention to lighting and paint

If you are looking for a fast and inexpensive way to revitalise your restaurant, a lick of paint and new lighting can achieve great results with very little effort and expenditure. When you are painting, make sure you choose a colour scheme that is going to stand the test of time. Trend colour schemes can look dated very quickly. Making the most of natural light is always important, and as well as natural light there are some great contemporary light fittings, which can add sparkle to your restaurant and modernise the feel while being easy to update and replace in the future. Dimmer switches are also a great way to add atmosphere as the evenings go on.

  1. Replace worn out soft furnishings

Changing the furnishings is another way to get a quick lift without major disruption. Carpet and upholstery suffer wear and tear over time and this can make your entire venue look shabby and dated. New furniture and flooring can be a quick way to modernise and give your restaurant a new look without having to go to great lengths or expense. For extra character and versatility in your restaurant, try incorporating a mixture of different furniture options, from high bar stools and tables to laid back lounges.

  1. Think about timing

If you are planning major renovations, you want to avoid disruption to regular patrons. Staggering a refurbishment over time can help minimise closures and keep staff and customers happy. If the renovations are so extensive they are likely to create an unpleasant environment for customers, it may be better to close down and do it all in one go. Whatever you decide, make sure you keep your loyal customers informed so you don’t lose their goodwill, and they come back when you are ready to reopen.

  1. Try changing the layout

Layout makes a big difference to the feel of a restaurant and its operational ability. Moving a few key pieces around can freshen up a restaurant and make it easier for wait staff and customers to get around. For bigger venues, closable rooms and screens are a good idea so that in quiet times customers don’t feel like they are in an aircraft hangar. Even in smaller venues, being able to section off areas gives privacy and helps create a cosy and intimate atmosphere.

  1. Find a signature piece

The right signature piece can have a bit impact on customers and really make your restaurant stand out. It’s important that whatever you choose fits in with your overall brand and design narrative, rather than just being there for fashion’s sake. Signature pieces can include ornate light fittings, or floor to ceiling wall art and displays.

Whether you are looking for a complete transformation of your venue or a few modern updates, when it comes to great restaurant design it’s always worth seeking the services of a professional. For all your restaurant and retail design needs in and around Melbourne, contact Mr Bankes today.