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Design a welcoming, unique restaurant your diners won’t stop talking about.

  • Create a relaxed and calm ambience
  • Include underrated tiny details proven to make a big impression
  • Plan for functionality and style to improve profitability from the start

Melbourne restaurant design service

Looking at launching a restaurant in Melbourne?
Wondering how to design a restaurant?
Want to bring your restaurant ideas to life?
Melbourne is the undisputed foodie capital of Australia with a diverse range of dining choices to suit all budgets, tastes, and occasions. Japanese, French, Modern Australian, Italian, Indian, Chinese.
Within 10-15km, many of us can easily enjoy a laid-back meal at our local cafe, a sophisticated experience in a luxurious 5-star restaurant, or a lazy brunch at a cosy diner.

If you’re planning a restaurant, you’ll realise the incredible amount of options means you need to level up. You’ll know that food is important – but restaurants aren’t all about the food. Your customers could stay home or order takeaway if all they cared about was the food.
Instead, they go out to eat for an experience. A journey. An adventure. That’s where award-winning interior designer Michael Bankes can help.

What’s the best restaurant interior design theme?

Whatever type of restaurant you’re after, Michael can help you make an impact:

  • Fast casual
  • Casual dining
  • Ethnic
  • Family dining
  • Fine dining
  • Premium dining

You may have variations of these general restaurants, for instance, brasserie and bistro, Mongolian bbq, teppanyaki-style, or buffet and smorgasbord.

Collect photos of your chosen theme and together we’ll design a unique look for it considering your customer, your competitors, your niche, and your brand. Together we’ll look at designing the best restaurant layout.

But not just that, we’ll look at how to enhance that layout through branding, lighting, furniture, wall / floor treatments, signage and more.

Spaces your customers will love

Creating a space that’s friendly, welcoming, and comfortable will affect the success of your restaurant. You need a memorable space that patrons love so much they tell their friends and family about it – and come back for more.
When designing a new restaurant space, the biggest consideration is energy – how it flows, builds and sets the scene. You’ve got to design a space that’s exciting and relaxed at the same time. A space that considers the psychology of what makes a great dining experience.

Clever, functional spaces tailored to your customer and theme

When it comes to restaurant layout design, the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach just doesn’t work. Restaurant design isn’t just about the aesthetic. The layout must be tailored to your restaurant theme – and your target customers.
Together we’ll consider your target customer, the different variations of how they might visit, and design according to what they want and need. For instance, your target audience may visit as a group, with staff, families, or as couples – families have different space needs and preferences compared to couples.

Carve out your niche with an experienced Melbourne restaurant interior designer

Award-winning interior design consultant, Michael Bankes has helped bar owners over the past three decades. He offers an end-to-end service including:

  • Permits
  • Strategy and insight
  • Brand identity
  • Design concepts
  • Tender drawings
  • Production
  • Professional installation

Michael knows how to get your venue off to the right start – and profitable quickly.

Read more about Services.

Looking for an award-winning restaurant designer to help you transform your dream restaurant into reality?

Contact Michael to chat about your design project – and for a no-obligation, complimentary onsite assessment and quote.