melbourne bar designer

‘Patient Wolf Gin Distillery, Lounge, Bar – Southbank, Melbourne.’

Mr. Bankes is an award winning, purpose focused design practice based in Thornbury Melbourne. With over 30 years’ experience across a broad range of projects, Mr Bankes introduces practical use of psychology and human senses to achieve tangible solutions for ongoing and new clients.

Mr. Bankes believes that only a co-operative approach will lead to an individualised design that meets a client’s needs and target market. The individual brand image that is achieved produces lasting results for clients.

The practice has accumulated an expansive body of work throughout Melbourne and Australia, specialising in hospitality, from independent establishments through to multiple store roll outs.

Mr. Bankes is Michael Bankes, call him right now on 0438 532 507.

With 300 + Hospitality and 200 + Retail related projects, Mr. Bankes has the expertise and enthusiasm to ensure your place is an enjoyable and stimulating environment for all.

Restaurants – Wineries – Cafés – Bars
Distilleries – Breweries

With extensive experience and insight within the hospitality industry, Mr Bankes has a depth of knowledge beyond the aesthetic. When considerations are given to operations and user experience, environments evolve which connect with people.

Successful customer spatial interaction, combined with efficient operational flow is paramount. Environments become a living breathing system of human activity, enjoyment and prosperity.

Providores – Boutique Grocers – Coffee roasteries
Gelateries – Ice Cream parlours – Kiosks – Pop ups

Creating a vacuum, drawing the attention, breaking down intimidation elements, constructing intrigue, effective traffic flows. A clean, crisp and efficient image sends a message of customer time efficiency. These are some of the retail psychology solutions adopted to each project maximising and exploiting potentials.

Creating an individualised architectural brand image for each project leans in part on inspiration derived from the base customer, the nature or type of product on offer, architectural setting and the client’s desires and ethos.