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Mr. Bankes is a purpose-driven and award-winning design agency based in Melbourne, specialising in Retail and Hospitality design with a remarkable experience of over 40 years in delivering comprehensive design solutions nationwide. We possess a unique ability to consistently synthesise design responses that not only attract attention but also deliver exceptional results, within a personalised service.

We place great emphasis on the efficient functionality of the space, recognising its critical role in ensuring ongoing success. We are well-versed in operational requirements, merchandising, and traffic flows, which, when combined, lead to optimal outcomes for your business model.

Additionally, Mr. Bankes incorporates retail psychology into our design criteria. For example, we are skilled in creating an external vacuum, internal intrigue, and soulful warmth, strategically attracting and captivating customers to your space.

With vast experience and accomplishments in the design industry, Mr. Bankes is an esteemed member of the Australian Retail Design Institute, holding a 20-year Citation with the Design Institute of Australia, and is currently registered with VBA (Victorian Building Authority). Our credentials and expertise make us a reliable and accomplished design practitioner, ensuring the success of your Retail and Hospitality ventures.


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