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South Yarra

Photography: Justin Meneguzzi & Sage Suga

Cafe Amba is located in the heart of Chapel Street, South Yarra’s famous fashion strip. The1880’s building with winding stairs and fire places was successfully transformed from fashion house to cafe/ restaurant despite structural and administrative challenges. A central light filled dining room separates street and cafe dining from the newly installed commercial kitchen and sunny rear courtyard. The warm aged brickwork perfectly contrasts with glittering gold details, such as the full height gold titanium stainless steel cladding, installed to mirror the glamour of Chapel Street. The beautiful golden light fixtures create a bridge where the shining modern materials and organic forms meet each other in perfect harmony. High tea is served in the elegant upstairs dining room, where crown moulding emphasises the high ceilings, and elegant chandeliers perfectly compliment the glitzy band of gold at ceiling height. This charming space is proof that much beauty is to be found in age and experience.